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Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles


Premium Quality Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles in Sydney

Tiles are generally manufactured using materials like ceramic, glass, stone, etc. to cover the walls, floors, or roofs of your homes or workplace. If you are looking for elegant and perfect looking floor tiles in Sydney, then Stone Select is the best one-stop destination for you. We offer a wide range of ceramic and porcelain tiles that are the best tiles for flooring. These floor tiles available in Sydney are made specially to prevent any kind of stains and are safe and easy to maintain.

An immense range of tiles

We also have plenty of products suitable for outdoor floor tiles that can withstand extremes of heat or frost. They are stronger and durable as compared to other tiles. We are the biggest provider of wall tiles in Sydney. A lot of colours and patterns are available that will go well with the look of your home. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are fit to be used for installation on walls and outdoor floor surfaces.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are very tough and mostly water-resistant. They are durable, heavier, and made from a dense and fine clay. This clay is subjected to a high temperature to remove any kind of water content if present in it. Once this is done, tiles can be made by cutting them into specific sizes and patterns. It offers less water infiltration. Being one of the biggest suppliers of porcelain tiles in Sydney, we make sure that the tiles are only sold after undergoing proper quality-checks.

Ceramic tiles

These tiles are usually made from white or red clay. Ceramic tiles are produced from a much less dense material and are therefore slightly less strong than porcelain tiles. However, it is a trending choice for countertops, walls, and floors. A special glaze is applied to ceramic tiles so that they stay protected. These tiles have a higher absorption rate. We provide the best ceramic tiles in Sydney that are easy to fit and clean. These tiles are low-maintenance and most commonly used in offices, homes, shops, etc.

Best quality products 

Our store has 27 products in the porcelain and ceramic category. Our products are suitable for almost every type of place. You can select any product of your choice that you think will go well with the look of your place or you can even consult our experts to conclude.

Alps Charcoal Porcelain Tiles and Alps Grey Porcelain Tiles provide a modern and elegant look to your place. Aegean Stone and Arrow Bulgaria Polished are our new arrivals and also among our best-sellers. These products are available in both categories.

We also have a Petra range in porcelain tiles that provide limestone appearance. These are perfect for commercial use. All of them provide a fine level of modern sophistication.

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We aim to deliver the shipments quickly. We have a customer-oriented approach and always provide superior quality products. We provide the best porcelain and ceramic tiles in Sydney. Our installers are fully licensed and have many years of experience. We are always up for free consultations. Book an appointment now to get the finest tiles installed at your place