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Marble Tiles Sydney


Stone Select: it’s not just a brand, it is a feeling

Homes are close to our heart, a safe haven to go and relax after a long busy day. Our house depicts our style of living and it is also a classic form of communication. A way to project your personality and style to people. You can use various textures and tones in your interior design to keep the mood of your house calm and soothing. There are countless ways to bring that wall or floor to life, but one that has remained prominent over years are marble tiles. Marble tiles are very popular amongst households in Australia and most of the people still choose marble tiles over any other flooring because they are gorgeous, robust and affordable. We at Stone Select, offering the best options for marble tiles in Sydney to give your home an elegant look.

We have all collection of marble tiles in all shapes, sizes and texture. The list is innumerable for the types of marble tiles that exist, and thus, at Stone Select, we help you curate the right marble tiles for the right spot in your house. Stone Select is a one-stop solution for all your needs for marble and other tiles, or natural stone.

Why buy marble tiles from Stone Select?

  • We strive to provide our customers with the best quality of stone and marble tiles in Sydney at a reasonable price.
  • Stone Select has a wide variety of product range, from natural stones like marble, sandstone and travertine to porcelain and ceramics.
  • We listen to our clients and put great attention to their requirements.
  • We offer a free consultation to people for design ideas with natural and marble tiles.
  • Our team offers express delivery of 1-3 days in the Sydney region.
  • The experts at hand perform measurements of your space and quote the best products for your budget.

Our mission  

Stone Select aims at bringing you the best quality of marble tiles in Sydney at pocket-friendly prices. We believe in providing the best customer experience and thus help you achieve that perfect ambience in your house or office with our team of experts and high-quality products.

Our expertise

Whether its interlocking panels or sandblasted pool paver, we have got you covered every step of the way. You can never go wrong with our wide range of marble tiles for cladding, pool pavers, bathrooms and countertops. Here are few of the marble tiles we have expertise in –

  • Mugla White Turkish marble tiles
    Sourced right from the quarries of Turkey, Stone Select has the best quality of Mugla marbles tiles in Sydney. These tiles can give your bathroom & countertops a much-needed makeover.
  • Tundra grey
    It is a very popular tone of marble because of its subtle grey colour. Tundra grey marble is widely used in homes and offices for its modern and minimalistic appeal. We provide polished, honed & sandblasted finish of tundra grey marble tiles at the best price in Sydney.
  • New Marfil Marble Tiles
    These are the natural beige or cream coloured marble tiles, suitable for both outdoors and indoors due to its uniform pattern and colour. We offer new Marfil marble in polished, honed & flamed finishes.
  • Onyx marble tiles
    It’s a unique marble stone with varying hues and swirls all over. Suitable for wall cladding, our onyx marble tiles at the best cost would definitely give an artistic finish to your house.
  •  Multi grey marble tiles
    It bears a graceful and elegant style with a deep grey and highlights of white and beige. Multi grey is an ideal marble tile for bathrooms and kitchens to give it the character and sense of calmness that many seek in these rooms.

Why use marble tiles for your house?

Marble tiles have been used for years to give the space a luxurious feel and elegant style. But, apart from making the house look upscale, marble tiles have various other benefits. The following are the five reasons why you should incorporate marble tiles in your home design.

  • The durability of marble tiles in different weather
    Marble tiles are highly durable and can sustain the harsh weather of Sydney.
  • Pocket friendly
    Marble tiles are extremely pocket friendly, and they for one are worth every penny you spend on it because they give a regal and upscale look to the space.
  • Shatter-resistant
    They are hard-wearing and you will not have to worry about it cracking every time a heavy object falls on the floor.
  • It’s multifaceted
    You can choose from various finishes and textures of marble tiles to complement your space.
  • It reflects lightMarble tiles will make your floors dazzle like a star when that strong Sydney sun hits.

Looking for marble tiles in Sydney? 

  • You can call us on (02) 9790 1759,
  • Or, drop by at 75, Canterbury Road, Bankstown

Stone Select is the biggest supplier of marble tiles and natural stone in Sydney. With our wide understanding of natural stone and keenness to satisfy our clients, we will help you find the best marble tiles seller in Sydney.