Sealing Your Natural Stone

Sealing Your Natural Stone

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Natural stone comes in many beautiful varieties. Silver travertine and tundra grey marble are among the most gorgeous of natural stones – especially when cared for and allowed to shine. Travertine pavers are carved from their native mountain and crafted to fit into the unique structure of your home. It lends your home an air of sophistication and a feeling of luxury and opulence. At the same time, natural stone adds an earthiness that connects your home to nature.


Knowing how to maintain natural stone is a vital part of enjoying its beauty. Fortunately, natural stones are among the easiest flooring and countertop options to care for. Start by choosing a high-quality cleaning product created specifically for natural stone and wipe carefully with a soft cloth. In addition to this simple cleaning technique, the following maintenance tips will help preserve your stone’s natural beauty.


Modern sealants are designed to last between ten and fifteen years. Taking care of your natural stone starts with making sure its properly sealed after installation. There are two methods for sealing natural stone:

·         Double Seal Method (Suitable For Most Natural Stones)
After laying the stone, clean it thoroughly and apply a sealant
Grout the stone, then clean and seal it, again

·         Pre-Seal Method (Suitable For Softer, Porous Stones)
Pre-seal your stone prior to laying it down
Apply grout, clean carefully, and apply a second coat of sealant


As noted above, avoid harsh, chemical-based cleaning solutions. Instead, choose mild soaps and soft cloths for cleaning. Take steps to prevent potentially corrosive acids from damaging stones by immediately wiping up spills. Be especially diligent about fruit juice, milk, coffee, tea, and other items that contain natural acids. 


If your kitchen or bathroom countertops are made from natural stone, avoid resting hot pots and pans or heated styling tools directly on their surface. Choose kitchen trivets or heat resistant mats for your bathroom counters that complement your existing décor.


Silver travertine stone, travertine pavers, and counters made from tundra grey marble add style and panache to any room in your home. With proper installation, careful sealing, daily sweeping and ordinary care, they’ll last for the lifetime of your home.


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